Cardinal Directions 11May-28May





IMG_1376North Art Space

Anna Maria O’Keeffe, Sean O’Keeffe, Ellen Dahl, Karl O’Keeffe

Opening 11 May, 6-8pm

North, South, East and West have a long history in many cultures as the four primary reference points for direction. Culturally these points have also been employed to mark subjective cultural and political differences between regions, but with globalization rapid forward push and current mass migration, we are seeing these historical denominations constantly shifting. The East/West political power landscape is moving towards increasingly competitive and complex financial and political relationships, while the North/South divide is at the front and back of our current socio-political discourse. The complexity of climate governance has re-focused the attention on the fundamental nature of Earth as a large sphere where the cardinal directions ultimately have limited bearing as we will eventually return to where we started.

The four artists in Cardinal Direction uses these points as a springboard to explore different ideas around topography, the cultural and political and geographical identity.