Dark Room

Dark Room is a collaborative project with Writer/Performer Carolyn Eccles.

To date Dark Room has been involved with three major Projects.

In 2016 Dark Room exhibited at

Later 2016 Dark Room won the Fishers Ghost Prize for Photography.

In 2017 Dark Room was awarded a residency at the Bundanon Trust artist in residence program. In the residency  they developed work which was shown at the Joan Sutherland Centre for Performing Art in January 2017 as part of  the Q-LAB initiative.

In 2017 Dark Room was part of the important exhibition Explorers Narratives of Site at Woodford Academy in Woodford NSW. Explorers: narratives of site in contemporary art practice was an extended, multilayered, accumulative exhibition project, which responded to the complex and overlapping narratives of the historic Woodford Academy site in Woodford NSW.