Making Art Connections, is a practice-based Visual Arts text that focuses on students’ own experiences creating art, while introducing them to new language, concepts and the world of a diverse range of artists. The text explores a variety of engaging themes,
while each chapter offers a choice of art forms and art making activities. Links are drawn between students’ own art making experiences and the artists, artworks and audiences that surround them, providing a rich learning experience.


MOVE: Video art in schools


MOVE: Video art in schools is a collection of video art works distributed to secondary schools for use in the classroom. Twelve leading Australian artists were commissioned for this program and have generously provided an education edition of their work solely for use in schools. The works are supplied on DVD and are packaged together with support materials that provide information on the artists, their works and the context of video art making. Student activities are also included, providing avenues for participation and creative engagement.